What Makes Up a Successful Business Design?

“Design is the fundamental soul of a human-made creation that ends up expressing itself in successive outer layers of the product.” – Steve Jobs

Meeting and exceeding customer’s expectation is the secret of a successful business. Thus, a good business design is important to inspire, motivate, communicate, and foster brand identity.

According to Chris Zook and James Allen, author of the book “Repeatability” and co-heads of Bain and Company, the secret in retaining customer loyalty and success is the accomplishment of ideas throughout the years. It is an important factor that will set a venture apart from competition.

A good example is Apple computers that succeeded in defying the norms of technology. The company has a gross margin of 38.5 percent each year. Apple’s innovative designs, sleek processor, and user-friendly features made their products viable. In addition, Claudia Kotchka, Procter and Gamble former head, emphasized that design builds a brand. It is, indeed, very important to consider design that would promote your business.

Promoting Business Design Made Easy

Introducing a service or product is the most crucial part of an enterprise. A small enterprise has to think of creative ways to attract potential clients. Thanks to the Internet for social media and e-mails, it helps entrepreneur to communicate, purchase, and promote products at their own convenience.

Promoting a venture is important to bring awareness to potential clients and customers. It is a strategic way of gaining profit, expansion, and customer loyalty.

There are different ways on how to advertise your products and services:

· Offline – Over the years, computers helped us accomplished our tasks faster and easier. Thus, it doesn’t mean that you can’t promote your venture. Whether you are a tech savvy or not, offline advertisement will greatly help you. Through flyers, local newspapers, door-to-door visit, mobile phone’s MMS, and the cheapest yet effective “word of mouth.”

· Online – Internet gave enterprises advertisement a different name. Through social media, blogs, and forums, entrepreneurs are now able to get in touch with their target market. The information we need is just a click away. Also, it is an advantage for small businesses that have an average capital. It allows you to advertise globally. You can browse web sites such as eBay, Squidoo, Yellow Pages.com, Windows Live, and People’s Guide that offer free advertisement.

Needless to Say

Business design is important to impress potential clients in a limited time. A good visual design conveys a positive image that creates emotional connection with clients, branding identity, and retaining customer loyalty.

This could also mean improving your organizational structure to meet and exceed client’s expectations. Promoting should inform and persuade prospective clients. Also, it reassures them that they have made the right choice.

A good design can be made through smart and effective advertising, direct marketing, sales promotion, and effective public relation. With good product, quality service, attractive prices, and design, you are one step closer to success.