How to Become a Business Development Executive?

A business development executive (BDE) plays an imperative role in the growth of a company. It is the job of a BDE to promote the product/service segment of the company. At some organisations, business development executives are also called sales executives. If you want to build a career as a business development executive, below career guide would ease your journey.

Some of the duties of a business development executive-
1) As a BDE, you would need to frequently interact with potential clients to establish new business relations.
2) It is the job of an executive to do market analysis. On the basis of these market reports, business strategies would be formulated.

Required education & qualifications
The stream in which you have completed your graduation doesn’t play a crucial role because students from all fields can apply for the job. Moreover, top-notch companies prefer to hire candidates who know two or more foreign languages. In fact, this is a kind of job where your soft skills would be more beneficial than your academic qualifications & degree.

It is advised to gain some good work experience in finance and management by pursuing a business-related course. If you want to work in a technical company then it is important to have some good technical background and sales experience in a particular field.

Some crucial skills
1) Excellent business knowledge
2) Good communication skills
3) Learner
4) Negotiable skills
5) Team player
6) Analytical ability

Scope of business development executive jobs
In the near future, there would be a great rise in the number of BDE job positions, especially in fast developing fields like online commerce and pharma. As more and more companies are vying for the online space, there would be a huge demand of business development executives who can help a company in expanding its online business.

The package
Typically, the salary structure of a business development executive includes basic pay and commission. The basic salary of a BDE can vary anywhere between Rs 2-3 lakh/annum. If you hit the target then you will also earn commission and incentives.

Where to look for BDE jobs in India?
The jobs are available throughout the country. However, there are few Indian cities, like Delhi, Gurgaon, Mumbai, Chandigarh, Bangalore, Chennai and Pune, where you can find booming job opportunities in diversified sectors. Various top-notch companies have opened their offices in these cities and therefore, there is a high demand of BDE in these areas.

What Is a Fire Assembly Point and Why Must a Business Designate It?

When fire breaks out in premises, the most important thing is for people to get to safer locations as soon as possible. Fire outbreaks can cause serious injuries and also loss of life. Building fire safety is never clearly understood until that time when fire strikes. There is a need for all persons in the workplace or even in households to clearly understand what a fire assembly point is? This is because; a successful evacuation and fire safety plan is partly determined by how people respond by getting to safer locations when fire breaks out.

In a bid to understand What a fire assembly point is?, it is important to point out that it is not just a safe location within the workplace or household but it is a specially designated open location where people can congregate in the event of a fire. This point should be easy to reach and also free from dangers of the fire. The main reason why people need to get to the fire assembly point is because it helps identify any missing persons.

It is important that fire assembly signs be well designed with clear visibility. They should be able to guide the persons to safety without any problem. In Britain, there were reportedly 388 fire related deaths in 2010-11, and this implies that fires are still a challenge to many households and business premises with the risk of being able to take away life.

There are different ways in which the effects of fires can be managed and use of fire safety signs is one of them. There are also different fire safety signs, which can be used and these may range from prohibitive signs, descriptive signs, and warning signs, to directional signs. When workers and home occupants understand the importance of a fire assembly point and which signs show this critical safety location, they are able to respond fast in the event of an outbreak of fire.

When fire safety signs are installed, there is need for them to be maintained as part of the safety plans, businesses can organize training and education sessions to help the people understand all signs in the premises, where they are placed and what they represent. Where possible, a mock fire safety escape can be carried out to gauge how prepared a business is and how well the workers can respond to fire outbreaks.

This can easily bring out any notable weaknesses in the state of the signage and also the understanding of the different fire safety elements such as the fire fighting equipment and their usage. In addition, with such mock fire safety assessments, the emergency response team can evaluate whether people really know where the fire assembly points are.

The Health and Safety (Safety Signs and Signals) Regulations 1996, brings out a clear definition of the different safety signs and how they are applied. There is also regulatory information about the design and use of these signs. The dedicated colors, which are mandated by the law, are prescribed. When you get signs designed and installed by professional designers, you ensure that you are compliant with the law and that people can easily understand the signs and their usage.

Avoid Common Mistakes in Website Business Design

A business website that is professionally designed will really be a good way for you to have potential sales in the future. However, if your website for business has been designed poorly, instead of benefitting you, it can even be a burden for you because of the little traffic that it can generate for your business. To be able to avoid being in this situation, it is best that you look into the most common mistakes that are made when websites for businesses are being designed. This is one of the best methods by which you can avoid experiencing it – to be aware of them.

The first thing that your business website should consider is to use title tags that are really relevant. ‘Relevant’ means that these title tags should include the keywords that you are targeting and some information about the webpage. If you are not aware, the title tags are the ones that appear at the top of the window where your website is opened and this is what your users will look at first. Therefore, using relevant keywords will help them in remembering your website easily.

The next thing you should avoid when creating a website for your business is to not fill it up with several advertisements. To be blunt, most of the visitors easily get annoyed when they see that there is an advertisement overload in your webpage, and this may even cause them to leave. Avoiding this to happen requires you to make sure that the banners and ads are kept to a tolerable number; and when this is achieved, your visitors will now be able to appreciate your website and absorb the more important things about your business.

Your website should also be easily navigated by your visitors – the links available either at the top or side of a website should be easily used properly by your users. Avoid making the navigation process for your users complicated because almost all the visitors are not patient enough to learn the new process that you are trying to implement on your website. In short, stick to what they are used to, this will ensure you that you will be able to send your message to them properly.

One of the biggest, simplest and probably the most neglected thing that website designers for businesses should avoid committing is placing a dead link to the website. If a visitor clicks on a link and in return gets an error message, they really get frustrated. You have to make sure that all the links you include in your website are working properly and most importantly, they are directing the visitors to the right place.

These are just some of the most common website business design errors that most designers commit and fail to realize. If you are really going to rely in this website for the success of your business, you should really make sure that nothing goes wrong with it. Tell yourself that there is no room to commit mistakes and learn from them immediately if you ever commit any.