2 Crucial Keys to a Winning Business Design

I find it incredible that so many people intentionally try to make their advertisement, look like advertisement…

There has been numerous studies done by the New York Times that prove that articles get up to 80% more readership than ads.

So why does everyone and their mother make websites that look like ads?

Make your advertising or your website look valuable. Make it look like the person is going to learn something by visiting your website.

Don’t make it look like it’s going to just try to sell them something.

Also, the main goal of your website is to create a vibe of trust and credibility.

Do this quick exercise right now… at a first glance does your website:

1)Look like its going to add value?

2)Look trustworthy? Does it look like an authority on the topic made it?

And the part that most people really don’t understand is that, it’s usually the websites that spent thousands on flashy designs that look the most untrustworthy and “salesy”.

I realize that is the last thing you want to hear if you have spent some serious cash on your web design.

But, it’s the truth.

Another quick tip I can give you is make sure that there is a clear readership path.

Where is the eye supposed to go first? Where is the eye supposed to go second?

Guide them all the way down to the action you want them to take.

Don’t create a website that confuses your customers, where they have so many options they don’t even know where to start… so they just leave.

Hey, you don’t have to believe a word I say, but after doing hundreds of tests I have to say that less is more.

Test it out for yourself, and you’ll find out the same thing.

Being clear and simple, almost exclusively beats out complex and confusing.

So to recap, make sure your website adds value… and actually looks like it.

Also make sure that you guide your prospects step by step to the action you want them to take.

The Stage of Business – Design Paradigm the Creative Process

Creative integration is no mystery, however, many techniques are personal approaches to get the process moving. Just remember, the process has structure. Often, when people struggle to craft a creative solution, it is because they have not done sufficient pre-work to establish the design rules. Design is an objective solution to a specific problem. Successful designs are good because they solve the problem well.

Design paradigms are models, archetypes, or quintessential examples of designed solutions to problems. The term “design paradigm” is used within the design professions, including architecture, industrial design and engineering design, to indicate an archetypal solution.

For example a Swiss army knife is a design paradigm illustrating the concept of a single object that changes configuration to address a number of problems.

Design paradigms can be used either to describe a design solution, or as an approach to design problem solving. Problem solving occurs through a process of abstraction and characterization of design solutions, with subsequent categorization into problem solving types.

This approach is akin to the use of metaphor in language; metaphors are used to help explain concepts that are new or unfamiliar, and to bridge between a problem we understand and a problem we don’t.

Design paradigms then can be seen as higher order metaphors; as the often three-dimensional distillation of a working relationship between parts, between groups of things, between the known and the unknown. In this sense, a bridge is a paradigm of the connection between the known and the unknown, and the functional equivalent of a physical bridge is consequently used in many fields from computer hardware to architecture.

The design paradigms concept has proven so powerful in traditional fields of design, that it has inspired a branch of computer science, where computational analogies to design paradigms are commonly called design patterns. Importantly however, in design professions the term “design pattern” usually describes a two-dimensional structure, whereas the term paradigm (or model) usually implies a higher order, having three or more dimensions.

Design paradigms can be used as a mechanism to find creative solutions to complex problems.

We have glanced over our shoulder to get a glimpse of the past, tried to pin down the present and peered into the future. We have pondered the importance of risk, change and creativity on the future of business. It is time to take a look at what these impacts of the economy and the stage of business have to do with industry.

Art is the jealous mistress. Design is the jealous mistress. Creativity is the key. Commitment, determination and humility are the way.

An Incomparable Home Business Designed to Provide You With Everything You Need to Dominate Online

The home business industry has recently taken a change for the better. With thousands of opportunities available to work from home, only a select few have proven to allow the average person with little to no technical skills to achieve a thriving business from the comfort of their home.

Being involved in several home businesses myself, I felt like many of you do this very moment. The industry has become a magnet for those seeking to take advantage of someone’s current situation by promising them the world in a silver platter.

As I looked online for a home business that will give me the time and freedom to have with my family that I was looking for, I ran into every Tom, Dick and Harry trying to shove a home business opportunity down my throat. Do they honestly think that a person would be convinced to buy into their scheme by consistently promoting their business and making outlandish promises of wealth?

Continuing on my hunt for a home business that seemed possible to do, considering my computer skills were that of reading and sending emails and the occasional search for local maps, I did find something that caught my attention. For the simple reason that they were trying to push me away from becoming part of what they had to offer.

“Now this seems strange!” I thought to myself. “Why would they claim to be having such great success but are pushing me away by telling me that only a select few will qualify?” Aha! This is something crucial to consider when doing your research for a home business. A business that requires an application to become a part of is a good sign that they are not here to take your money and run.

While the average home business opportunity is looking for you to empty your wallets in order to join, this particular business is only choosing a select few to work with. Why? This allows for a more personal affiliation with new members and allows for one-on-one support and training. It also removes those looking for the “easy road” to financial freedom.

We all know that something good usually does not last forever and that promises of becoming rich overnight in a home business is most likely not true.

For this simple yet effective approach of marketing their home business did I decide on becoming more informed and eventually a new addition to their community. A community that has allowed me to better understand the meaning of teamwork, dedication, persistence, and reaching great achievements in business and in my personal life as well.

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