Designing Your Home Based Business – Design Your Home Based Business to Fit Your Needs

When it comes down to running your own home based business, you will want it to work for you and not you work for it.

The whole reason why most people want to work from is so that they can free up time for other activities, partners, the dog and any number of other things. So why join a business opportunity and work from home, if it means that you will be working more hours than you ever did as an employee of someone else?

Before you decide which Home based Business you would like to join or before you create one of your own, take a good look at the ones that are online already, ask your friends and family if they know anyone who makes money from working at home. Almost everyone will know someone who doesn’t work, many of us know people who don’t need to work because their partner has a great J.O.B. but few of us know people who work from home and make a good living from it.

There are the Kleeneze reps, Avon ladies (and gents) and many other work from home opportunities that all pay great money after you have built a decent distributorship, so there’s one direction you could go, and no internet knowledge really required, apart from filling out the orders online.

There are many hundreds of online opportunities, MLM being one of the major ones and many online business opportunities that have great built in systems, some with almost everything you need to build and run your new internet empire from.


Many of the internet opportunities available have everything except the one thing that really matters and that is good instructions on how to use all the information they provide.

As an internet marketer, working full time from home is a great way to work and a great way to live, being able to leave work anytime you want and to start work any time you want is great, but without the training and the instruction for your system, whichever one you go for, you will struggle to get it working properly.

Make sure you research your subject well, take several weeks, if not months looking at products that work, take the 7 day trials, or the free trial periods, and if after the trial period is nearly over, you still don’t understand how it works, ditch the program, get your money back and try something else. Only work on one program at a time until you get good at it or you will become very confused.

If the product you choose has a ‘mentor’ program, sign up for it. Humans learn faster from real people, so if you can meet your mentor and have face to face meetings on a regular basis, this will dramatically improve your chances of success online.

Treat your home business opportunity as a real business…..

I once spoke to a very wealthy entrepreneur who told me when he first started working from home, he would get up around 10 or 11 and mooch about for a while and then eventually get some work done, he took 5 years to make any money online. When he realised that this was a ‘Business’ he decided to get up and ‘dress’ for work, put on a decent shirt, and shoes instead of slippers or bare feet. His business went from nothing to 6 figures in 6 months!

Take your online business opportunity seriously and it will make you a serious amount of money.

Choose carefully, so that the business you choose, works for you, is something you like to be involved with and that does not run You.

Above all, research the business opportunities fully and don’t pay for something you don’t understand.

Have fun in your new life online.

All the best,

Captain Tim Riley